Recombinant vs. Traditional Antibodies

Recombinant vs. Traditional Antibodies

Traditional monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies have been standard immunodetection reagents for decades. Until now, cost and development time have been barriers to the adoption of recombinant antibodies in research and diagnostic applications. AxioMx has removed these barriers with its phage display antibody development technology and methodological advancements, making recombinant antibodies affordable and readily available for most immunoassay applications.

Speed of Development, Consistency, and Ease of Optimization Make Recombinant Antibodies a Favored Alternative to Traditional Antibodies.

Compared to their traditional counterparts, recombinant antibodies offer numerous advantages, such as speed of development, consistency, and ease of optimization. Recombinant antibodies are developed exclusively in vitro; no animals are used in their development. And because recombinant antibodies are fully functional antibodies, they can be easily substituted for monoclonals and polyclonals in most applications.

Comparison of Recombinant scFv, Mouse Monoclonal, and Polyclonal Antibodies


*Requires sequencing and conversion to recombinant
**Easily converted to an IgG

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