Services Portfolio

Services Portfolio

Custom Antibody Services

AxioMx offers a full range of custom recombinant antibody services to life science researchers in diagnostic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic organizations.

Apply the Versatility of Phage Display to Design and Quickly Develop Antibodies that Meet Your Requirements.

We combine the speed of our proprietary phage display methodologies together with the advantages of phage display to carefully design antibodies to our customers’ requirements, whether it is a research-grade or carefully designed diagnostic-purposed antibody.

Unparalleled Speed, Consistency and Versatility

AxioMx’s phage display scFv recombinant antibody developments offers unparalleled advantages over traditional monoclonal antibody development. These advantages include:



Develop custom recombinant monoclonal antibodies in 8 to 10 weeks.



Trust in recombinant antibodies that are identical, every batch.



Capitalize on the power of phage display in multiple ways.

  • Develop antibodies to both conventional antigens as well as difficult antigens, like phosphorylated proteins or “non-immunogenic” proteins.
  • Use your antibody in a scFv or an IgG format.
  • Optimize antibody frameworks for your applications


Design the desired affinities and specificities into your antibodies.


All in Vitro

Develop antibodies without the use of animals.

Our Custom Services

AxioMx custom services are comprised of two novel custom recombinant antibody development programs and a range of supporting services.

Your custom antibodies can be developed quickly using the AxioMx custom recombinant antibody development service. This offers much faster development times relative to traditional monoclonal antibody methods.


AxioMx Custom Recombinant Antibody Development

Comprehensive custom recombinant antibody development services

  • Fast (8 to 10 weeks)
  • Collaborative
  • De Novo Antibody Development
  • Engineer Affinities, Specificities, & Biophysical Properties
  • For Research, Diagnostic, and Therapeutic Antibodies

AxioMx Supporting Services

Affinity maturation, optimization, and production

  • Affinity Maturation of Existing Antibodies
  • Antibody Optimization
    • scFv to IgG conversion
    • Isotype conversion
    • Hybridoma to recombinant conversion
    • Antibody framework optimization
    • CDR grafting
    • Antibody labeling
  • Custom Phage Library Development
  • Antibody Production

Which Custom Antibody Development Service is Best for My Project?

Use the guidelines in the table below to select the service offering that will best meet your antibody development requirements.

AxioMx Custom Recombinant Antibody Development Services

  • Project consultation needed
  • Antigen design required
  • Designed to affinity and specificity requirements
  • Antigen is post-translationally modified
  • Antigen is difficult or non-immunogenic
  • Antibody optimization may be desired
  • Developing for research, diagnostic or therapeutic applications