Custom Antibodies

Custom Antibodies

AxioMx custom recombinant antibody development services offer a breath of custom service options, starting with antigen and project design and continuing through the production of final antibodies. We work closely with our customers to carefully design each project to result in recombinant antibodies developed to our customers’ specific requirements.

Complete Custom Recombinant Antibody Development Services

AxioMx’s scFv phage display-based antibody development can replace most hybridoma monoclonal antibody development approaches, offering comparable antibody quality with additional advantages.

Combining the advantages of scFv phage display antibody development and AxioMx’s experienced team, we offer:

  • A broad range of custom antibody services
  • Antigen and project design consultation
  • High affinity and specific antibodies
  • Antibodies in recombinant formats, providing greater antibody consistency and enabling antibody optimization
  • Recombinant antibody development applicable to most antigen types, including phosphorylated proteins, difficult targets, and non-immunogenic targets

High Quality Antibodies. Developed Fast. In Just 8-10 Weeks.

Unique to AxioMx is the speed at which we can develop a high affinity and specific, custom recombinant antibody. Central to this speed is the combination of our novel Rapid Liquid Screening and AxioMx Mutagenesis affinity maturation methodologies.

The AxioMx scFv Recombinant Antibody Development Method


An AxioMx phage display scFv antibody library is biopanned by Rapid Liquid Screening against an antigen. A candidate scFv antibody with the desired specificity and good affinity is selected and this single candidate scFv is affinity matured to produce an affinity matured scFv phage library. Biopanning is repeated and a scFv with the required affinity and specificity is selected as the final antibody.

Our programs are applicable for the development of recombinant antibodies for:

  • Research applications & assays
  • Immunodiagnostics
  • Early stage therapeutic candidates

Antigen types we process include:

  • Peptides
  • Protein fragments
  • Full-length proteins
  • Post-translationally modified peptides and proteins
  • “Less or non-immunogenic” antigens
  • Small molecules

Related AxioMx Services

We offer a full range of services for antibody improvement and production.

  • Affinity maturation of both recombinants and hybridomas
  • Antibody optimization
  • Antibody production