Affinity Maturation

Affinity Maturation

Improving the affinity of an existing antibody is a common need across research, diagnostic, and therapeutic antibody development. AxioMx has developed extensive mutagenesis expertise and we apply this expertise in error-prone PCR (EP-PCR), Kunkel mutagenesis, and our own AxioMx Mutagenesis method to enhance the affinities of our customers’ existing recombinant and hybridoma-derived antibodies.

AxioMx Affinity Matures Existing Recombinant and Hybridoma-Derived Antibodies to Improve Binding Affinities.

Based on the starting antibody, its framework, and the required affinity improvement, AxioMx and the customer select the mutagenesis approach and design a project plan to best achieve the targeted affinity improvement.

Typical Affinity Improvements Are 4 to 10-Fold Plus, Depending on the Initial Antibody Affinity.

Affinity Maturation

Affinity maturation of an existing antibody can be completed in approximately 7 weeks. Affinity improvements depend on the antibody itself and its initial affinity, however, affinity improvements of 4 to 10-fold plus are routinely achieved.

Why Select AxioMx?

  • Both recombinant or hybridoma antibodies can be affinity matured
  • AxioMx scientists have extensive mutagenesis expertise
  • Affinity improvements of 4 to 10-fold plus
  • Deliverable as CDR sequences or recombinant antibody
  • Quick turn-a-round, typically 7 weeks

Please contact us for more details on our affinity maturation capabilities.