Rapid Liquid Screening

Posted on May 3, 2014

Rapid Liquid Screening is the automated, all-liquid biopanning methodology developed by AxioMx. It enables quick screening of recombinant antibody phage display libraries against a target antigen, allowing the best binders to that antigen to be selected.

As the primary method of screening phage libraries during both the discovery screening and affinity maturation phases of a typical AxioMx antibody development project, Rapid Liquid Screening is the cornerstone of our technology platform. During discovery screening, a naïve library of phage displaying more than 1010 unique scFvs is queried for binders to the target antigen. The result, a pool of phage enriched in binders to the antigen is then re-screened iteratively to select for the strongest and most specific candidate antibodies. Rapid Liquid Screening is again utilized for affinity maturation, where a custom library of mutated antibody variants is screened for scFvs with enhanced antigen-binding affinity.


Rapid Liquid Screening is central to the fast antibody development times offered by AxioMx. This approach is also amenable to high-throughput production, allowing parallel screening against multiple target antigens to identify scFv antibodies with the desired affinity and selectivity.