AxioMx, Inc. Announces the Launch of Its Custom Recombinant Antibody Discovery and Development Services

Posted on Nov 7, 2012

BRANFORD, CT – November 7, 2012 – AxioMx, Inc. announced today the introduction of its custom recombinant antibody discovery and development services. These services include epitope mapping, antigen design, antibody screening and affinity maturation, antibody optimization, and antibody production.

Using its proprietary phage display libraries and  “rapid liquid” approach to screening and affinity maturation, AxioMx has shortened typical monoclonal antibody development times from 4 to 6 months to as little as 8 weeks. The proprietary AxioMx platforms enable fast delivery of highly specific, high affinity, and reproducible recombinant antibodies that are optimized to work in a desired application. AxioMx antibodies are generated entirely in vitro which enables consistent antibody quality across production batches.

AxioMx services will be used principally in research and diagnostic applications across pharma, biotech, diagnostic, and life science organizations. Research groups that need a custom antibody fast as well as an antibody that is optimized for their specific assay will benefit from these services.

The AxioMx platform enables antibody discovery and development to be directed specifically to a selected epitope. Antibodies can be developed against post-translationally modified proteins as well as to epitopes with low antigenicity.  The technology can be applied to develop an improved antibody for an existing assay or to develop a novel antibody. AxioMx believes these services will be especially valuable in epigenetics studies.

“AxioMx is excited about the introduction of our custom antibody services. Since our technologies enable us to quickly develop and deliver application-optimized custom antibodies of consistent quality, we hope to ignite proteomics research by eliminating long-standing barriers to antibody development. Many research and diagnostic assay development projects previously limited by the availability of a suitable antibody will now be possible.” says Tom Thompson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

About AxioMx

AxioMx, founded in 2012 and based in Branford, Connecticut is a leader in recombinant antibody technologies. Its founders, Chris McLeod and Dr. Michael Weiner, are life science entrepreneurs who have previously led successful genomics, next-generation sequencing, microfluidics, bioinformatics and proteomic organizations. AxioMx’s unique platform of proprietary phage display libraries, library screening, and affinity maturation methods provide the technical foundation of the company. The company offers a full range of custom antibody discovery and development services for the research and diagnostic market places. For more company and commercial information visit AxioMx at

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