Story of Our Name

Let’s start with the pronunciation. We know it can be a little challenging. It’s AxioMx [ak-see-oh-miks]. Essentially “Axiom” with a “Mx” added to it, as in “molecular truth.” So what is an axiom? A basic assumption or a self-evident truth.

At AxioMx, we hold two truths to be self-evident: 1) By the year 2020, most antibodies will be developed using recombinant methods, and 2) AxioMx will lead this transition.

Our logo? The capital “M” contains a “Y”, specifically the double-chained Y that characterizes most simple schematics of immunoglobulins. The slight angle to the logo lettering represents the speed of our technologies. The whoosh too represents this speed as well as the capturing of a protein by an antibody.

And the blue letters? We just like the color.

Well, there you go. We hope you glean a sense of the humor, spirit, and vision of our company.