Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Founded in 2012 in Branford, Connecticut by a team of experienced and successful life science industry leaders, AxioMx is both a leading innovator of phage display antibody technologies and a leading provider of recombinant antibody development and production services.

Continued Innovation and Quality Recombinant Antibody Development are the Foundation of AxioMx.

The current monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development paradigm is too slow and does not always result in consistent, renewable, and quality antibodies. Until recently the timelines and cost of phage display protocols have made the method impractical for most research and diagnostic reagent purposes. Now AxioMx’s innovative improvements to traditional phage display methods make phage display a favored approach to antibody development for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications.

AxioMx provides a comprehensive custom recombinant antibody discovery and development services platform. Our service offerings include antigen and project design, recombinant antibody development, antibody optimization, and antibody production.

AxioMx Services Include Custom Recombinant Antibody Development, Optimization and Production.

Unique to AxioMx is our proprietary phage display libraries, Rapid Liquid Screening, Emulsion Screening, and AxioMx Mutagenesis methodologies. These combined enable AxioMx to shorten typical monoclonal antibody development times from 4.5 – 6 months to 8 – 10 weeks when utilizing our AxioMx Custom Recombinant services platform. Development times are just 5 weeks with our AxioMx Express services for research grade antibodies.

AxioMx’s next goal is to further reduce antibody development times to less than 4 weeks and progress to our vision of delivering custom antibodies in just days.

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