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Introducing AxioMx Express! Custom recombinant antibodies developed for you in just 5 weeks!

Technology Corner

  Rapid Liquid Screening

Rapid Liquid Screening is the automated, all-liquid biopanning methodology developed by AxioMx. It enables quick screening of recombinant antibody phage display libraries against a target antigen, allowing the best binders to that antigen to be selected.

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News and Events

  AxioMx Launches AxioMx MembraneProSelect™ Service

September 22, 2015. AxioMx Inc. announced the launch of AxioMx MembraneProSelect™, a new service that enables the deve...

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  AxioMx Receives SBIR Grant for DNA-Protein Complex Antigen Development

August 31, 2015. AxioMx Inc., a leader in the development of high-quality recombinant antibodies, announced today that t...

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